Beautiful Spirited Women is an organization designed to aid in the renovation of the community with our primary focus being mentoring teenage girls. Each month we have Teen Uplifting Hours (TUH). These monthly leadership programs help empower the teenage girls and provide a variety of challenging informational resources. There are also various fun activities to enhance leadership skills and awareness to our girls.

We strive to create a drama-free environment where women can come together with the collective mind set of empowering one another. In addition to teen mentoring we are volunteers in the community. We participate in activities such as, Habitat for Humanity, Memphis Food Bank, Breast Cancer Walk, feeding the homeless, City Wide Clean Up, Back to School Drive, Anti-Drug/Alcohol, STD Awareness, Autism Awareness, Sickle Cell Awareness and much more. We are a two time Stone Award Winner for Best Non – Profit Organization. Our founder is a also a recipient for a SHERO Award.

Our ultimate goal is to make ourselves readily available wherever we are needed in the community. BSW is not just an organization it is a lifestyle.

We are a group of women diligently working to improve our conditions.

The birth of BSW was giving to the vision of Crystal M. Clark – Chatman (CEO) on November 10, 2010.  She began gathering her sisters and everyone together with the collective mind set of empowering one another and teenage girls.  Motivated to be like her mother, she was called to action all strong, uplifting, positive, and productive women.

True to their name, they are a sisterhood and just like family they have promised to weather the storms together. BSW recognizes that they are fighting a battle daily to save the community and the children. This unique group is changing the world one day at a time. None of this would have been possible had it not been for Bobbie J. Johnson’s dedication to God and her children. The morals and values she planted in her daughter are in full harvest and the result is a beautiful garden. Their flowers are in full bloom and to witness this group growth is nothing short of amazing. Join us today!


A Word from Our Founder

Looking back over my life growing up in a single parent home with five other siblings, I can only thank God for the guidance and support system he has placed in my life.

As a young girl I suffered with low self –esteem and thought everybody was supposed to be my friend. Throughout my life I tried to find easy ways out instead of believing in God that he will see me through. Of course we all make poor decisions, but somewhere down that road, I found me. Beautiful Spirited Women Teen Mentoring Program was designed and created by God himself.

I have a chance to stand before girls who, were just like me lost and trying to find their way in life. I knew it was time to empower these young girls and mold them to become entrepreneurs. The current social issues that I am mainly focused on are empowering our youth, education, and healthy living. “You can be who YOU want to be and never let anyone stop your dream from coming true”.

Blessings to my amazing husband Troy, my 3 beautiful children Tranae, Asia & Tristan, my parents James & Bobbie Jean, my siblings Delbera, Demetrius, Ursula, Nicole, Carloz, Daryl  & Florrie, my nieces and nephews & Our Sisterhood – Beautiful Spirited Women , Teens, Cupcakes, Soldiers and all of our sponsors.